Careers in Weed

Okay, so you have decided to upload your resume to but still unsure of what marijuana jobs there are and what they require. There are a variety of jobs; so let’s explore the different career options available to you through

Edible Creator

Dispensaries sell edibles and post ads for people to bake those deliciously infused marijuana goods. Edible creators are fancy words for bakers of marijuana. Munchies and weed in one bite in exchange for fun and easy money.

Extraction Technician

To be a cannabis tech, licensure will be necessary. It is also easily gained online. This job gets the chemicals of marijuana into the nitty-gritty by processing the hemp concentrates. A close up and personal job in the science of cannabis could be the perfect match for an inquisitive mind.

Glass Merchant

If you have a talent for glass blowing, sell your glass blown goods to shops. They are always looking for more glass merchants to buy from.

Delivery and Courier Services

Pizza isn’t the only delivery at the door; keep smokers from driving stoned and deliver their weed for cash. Some dispensaries offer a delivery service. Yes, a marijuana delivery driver can be your next money-making gig.


What could be more important. Just like in the “real” world, the cannabis industry needs Security as well, especially because it is currently “cash only”. Getting a job in cannabis security is super important and should not be taken lightly.


Tending to the cannabis plants is a great job and one of the most commonly posted. It is a hands-on job cutting and trimming cannabis.

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Human Resources

Every business needs a behind the scenes crew to sign those pay checks. HR opportunities are great if you are a person with an accounting degree or attempting to ease your way into a foreign industry.  


Every dispensary needs a budtender. There are new dispensaries opening across the country, thanks to changing laws. Get your resume posted for those positions. Budtenders are entry level, get in now to secure a paying job in the rapid growing marijuana retail business.


No weed-selling dispensary can be successful without quality product. That is where you would come in! Cultivation is the basis to everything, caring for the plant. In this awesome career you take care of our little baby plants so they produce awesome product for dispensaries to inspect and pick put the best for there patients. 

Seed Harvester(Breeder) 

This job is tedious and quiet but being a seed harvester is calming and an easy gig to could some extra cash.


New jobs pop up every day on from employers across the country looking for honest, prideful, hard working individuals to join their team. Cannabis is a developing business and will only grow larger as more and more states and counties legalize marijuana. Uploading your resume is easy to do. For specialties, there are certificates to be earned through online courses. Either way, uploading your resume to today can get you an interview tomorrow.


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