Holiday High

The holidays have arrived and as it is the season of giving, why not give the gift of cannabis? Everyone knows a stoner’s main holiday is Thanksgiving for those extra helpings after a bong rip. But the season of giant, decorated nugs in the living room is a close second. So what do you buy that marijuana fanatic you keep so close to your heart around the season of giving? Weed necessities, weed accessories, or weed seed products are great ideas! Add more stocking stuffers this holiday season without depleting your wallet.

Let’s be honest, any holiday is a great time to receive little green Christmas trees, but adding a stoner kit to the stocking this season would definitely be ideal for those remaining incognito. Keep it cheap with your old Altoid can and fill it with a lighter, eye drops, rolling papers, gum, chap stick, sanitizer, small bag of weed, pipe, grinder, or blunt wraps. Any stoner will appreciate the gift of what they eventually stop purchasing because they get tired of buying what they keep losing.

For those gifts that keep on giving, like glass blown pipes or a wake and bake coffee cup, is ideal for any smoker. No stoner would hate the idea of being able to smoke out of the handle of his or her new favorite mug. Online shopping for gifts not typically sold in smoke shops like stoner board games or stashimals (stuffed animals made to stash) is easy and convenient. Other gifts like SmokeBuddy allows one to smoke without letting it float into the wrong nose. This is perfect for those still keeping blankets under the bedroom door and puffing globs of gray out of their window.

Okay, so maybe your friend doesn’t smoke (yes, those people still exist) but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to enjoy the benefits of hemp. Hemp has become an industrial product just like bamboo or cotton. Fibers are turned into clothing, toiletries, and bags. Seeds and oil of the cannabis plant are used in personal products, food and medicine. Hemp is a great holistic way to rid you of pain or discomfort. Lotion made of hemp can take away joint pain caused by the season’s cold. Hemp shampoo and conditioner leaves the hair feeling full and lush. There is even hemp cooking spray for those holiday hash brownies.  

The cannabis plant is still under scrutiny but there is no question its products make for amazing gifts for any celebration. Time is almost out and rushing to take care of last minute gift ideas should be less stressful now that you remember everyone can enjoy marijuana this holiday season.


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